The Toronto Zeitgeist Movement Wikispace


This wikispace was created to help organize and document the actions and status of Zeitgeist Toronto, the Toronto chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement.

The Zeitgeist Movement is a non-politcal group with the aim of creating a society of systems and values that transcend the current, failing monetary-market socio-economic paradigm. Each chapter's main goals are to educate the public about, and establish, a global resource-based economy, and the future developments of such a system, in accordance with the emergent nature of the reality with which we interact. Any system that becomes an unchanging institution becomes an ineffective system, and our current system has become just that.

This wikispace serves to centralize and efficiently organize information pertinent to the function and communication of the members and volunteers of Zeitgeist Toronto, and provide a transparent representation of our activities. Designed for ease of informational access, this is an open-source project, and it's potential is equal to the investment and utility members put into it.

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